Advocacy is the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal.

​Support is defined as bearing all or part of the weight or giving assistance

There are so many questions and thoughts that cross your mind when you have a need. It can be difficult knowing what to do and who to call. 

Let us help you find the program or service you are looking for. 

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Child Advocacy presents the best interest and causes affecting children. Child Advocates protect, pursue, and defend children’s rights and needs, including finding and connecting their families to resources. They also encourage, guide and provide opportunities for children to develop their abilities.

I want to be a Family Advocate, how can I help?

I know a family that can use assistance.

My family is in need of help, what should I do?

My family is interested in volunteering in the community, how can we help?

Someone in my family needs help finding employment.

I want to continue my education what should I do?

I need to find affordable care for my children what do I do?

I'm concerned about my elderly parent, what do I do?

I'm in an abusive relationship, what options do I have?

As family advocates we believe in supporting the whole family. This means providing resources and support for all members of the family. Our goal as family advocates is to aide and create partnerships with states, local agencies and systems by helping them adopt more strengths-based and family-driven programs, policies, and services. 


How do I know if this program is right for my child? 

My Child is having trouble in school what do I do?

I'm concerned about my child's development.

My child has been identified as having special needs, now what?

I think those children are in danger, who do I call?

I want to know more about children's rights.

I want to be a child advocate how do I get involved?

I want to be a child development teacher where do I begin?

I am interested in being a substitute teacher. 

* Please Note: If you or someone you know is in immediate danger or needs immediate medical assistance, PLEASE CALL 911


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